Nature Garden

On Friday we were very busy. We tidied up our nature garden in the infant playground, we planted potatoes, we planted coriander and chives. We weeded the vegetable bed and carefully put new top soil down so when it is warmer we can plant our beans outside. Thank you to Alex who came to help us!

4 thoughts on “Nature Garden

  1. I just want to say that Soulaiman had a great time in the nature garden and he really enjoyed plantin the potato seeds and he is looking forward to see them grow nicely is fatiha’s soulaiman’s mum thank you a lot

  2. It looks like it was a lots of fun – Mia said she really enjoyed being in the nature garden.

    Mia says ” I am happy to go there again – I can’t wait for the potatoes and flowers to grow”.

    Donna & Mia

  3. This is so great – so nice to see what the kids are up to at school – Benjamin and I go through all the pictures and he tells me what happened at school that day. Thank you Alex – B said you were there to help

  4. Thank you so much for letting me help you plant your seeds, do weeding and write labels in the nature garden . Everyone worked really hard and cooperated as a team to weed the beds. I was really impressed by everyone’s good writing and how carefully they planted their seeds and watered them.
    Alex ( Florence’s Mummy)

    Florence says, ‘ when are we gong to plant owr beens

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