Bird Walk with the RSPB

Today we went on a bird walk in Grafton Square with the RSPB. We saw a robin, a pigeon and a blackbird. We also saw lots of clues that birds live there like feathers, twigs, bird poo, berries and insects. What birds have you seen in Clapham that we didn’t see today?

3 thoughts on “Bird Walk with the RSPB

  1. Flo said ‘ we have seen a pigeon and a blackbird and magpies in our garden. We saw an emu in Battersea zoo.’

    How lovely, you were all able to go to Grafton Square to look for birds.

  2. This looks like a great trip! We have seen starlings, sparrows, crows and Mummy is sure she saw a parakeet on the common at the weekend!

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