Friction Experiment

We wanted to find out which materials create the most friction and cause the car to slow down. We made sure it was a fair test by always having the ramp at the same height, not pushing the car but allowing it to fall naturally once released and ensuring we measured the distance the car travelled as it came to a natural stop. We tested foil, net, faux fur and artificial grass. Do you remember which one created the most friction and caused the car to slow down the most? Can you remember why?

3 thoughts on “Friction Experiment

  1. The fake grass slowed the car down the most because the grass was very long. The net slowed the car down the least because the net had tiny holes and the car could easily go over them.

  2. Florence said ‘ the grass had the most friction because it had long stems. The fastest was the net.’

    We love looking at all these pictures. Thank you x

  3. The fake grass made the car stop because it was a little bit rough and got stuck in the wheels.

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