4 thoughts on “Buttons and Fudge

  1. Did you know, Fudge and Button poop a lot because they are naughty! They poop everywhere.
    We just need to show them how to behave better!

  2. Florence’s questions are:

    When are their birthdays?
    Why have rabbits got such big ears?
    Will Benjamin and Cinnamon come back to REception?
    Buttons and Fudge are very cute. Welcome to RT

    • Hi Florence
      I am not sure of their birthdays, I have it written down at home somewhere…I will find out!
      Rabbits have long ears as they are prey animals and most things want to eat them so they need long ears so that they can hear if any predators are coming, this is why they can also swivel them around. Some rabbit breeds have been bred to have even longer ears on purpose, so a mummy rabbit and a daddy rabbit with long ears have a baby with even longer ears. Benjamin and Fudge might come back to visit one day but I doubt they’ll live here as they are having such a lovely time at home…but who knows what the future holds!
      See you on Monday.
      Mrs Allen

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