We took part in a fantastic samba workshop this morning and this afternoon we were chosen to perform in a special assembly! Do you remember where Samba music comes from? Do you remember any of the rhythms?

7 thoughts on “Samba!

  1. Hello, it’s Victoria ! Samba comes from Brazil. Carnival is the greatest samba event of the year for them, where people organise parades on the streets and dance all dressed up in funny costumes. I love the drums as they make nice rythm and make you want to dance. Victoria loves dancing!!

  2. Hi it’s Vida and Samba music came from Brazil, yes I do remember one of the rhymes : Fish and chips are the best.

  3. I loved when Chris was clapping and we had to clap back and when he was drumming and we have to drum back, doing a rhythm

  4. Hi its Alanta and i think it come from if I remember Africa and sorry ,but I don’t think i can remember any rythms we did sorry.

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