Well done to everybody for completing fantastic home learning this week! You have been counting money, investigating what it is used for, going shopping, matching totals to coins, playing shopping games and adding totals.

Click here to see a snapshot of all your hard work.

How many pennies are in one pound? Which coin is worth the most? What would the world be like without money?


3 thoughts on “Money

  1. It was so fun seeing everyone with their piggy banks and looking so happy and enthusiastic!

    Kyler: There are 100 pennies in 1 pound, and the £2 coin is worth the most!

  2. There are one hundred pennies in one pound.
    The £2 coin is worth the most money.
    If there was no money in the world then we wouldn’t be able to go shopping and Mummy wouldn’t have any money for swimming lessons and treats!

  3. We love the video. What a lot of money in everyone’s piggy banks.

    Florence says
    There are 100 pennies in a pound.
    £2 is worth the most.
    The world would be empty without money.

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