Whatever Next

This term we are learning all about Space. This week we focussed our learning on a fictional book called ‘Whatever Next’ we retold the story, put pictures in order, wrote lists of things we would take in a rocket, made intergalactic passports and decorated a giant rocket. We then watch a video of a real rocket taking off into space (which was very noisy!) and used our number lines to count back from 20-0. Try and practise at home counting back from 20-11 as most children found that a bit tricky! Next week we will be learning about space facts and will be using lots of non fiction texts and the internet to help us gather information. What would you like to know?


8 thoughts on “Whatever Next

  1. Samuel asks:
    1. Who was the first person in space?
    2. Who was the first person on the moon?
    3. Do the planets always stay in the same order?
    4. Will RT be going into space this term?!!!

    • Hi Samuel
      Unfortunately we won’t be going into space as it would cost millions of pounds and I don’t have any astronaut friends to take us. We could go in our imaginations though and if you change your mind about being a tram driver maybe you could be an astronaut instead when you grow up! We’ll find out the answers to the other questions next week!
      Mrs Allen

  2. Thank you for doing the class blog. It has been great to be able to see what you have all been doing whilst I haven’t been in class.
    My questions are:
    1) How far away is space?
    2) What happens if astronauts get sick in space?

    • Hi Theo
      We missed you. Hope you’re better now. Great questions, we will find out the answers next week.
      Mrs Allen

  3. Kyler’s questions:
    1. Have any animals gone to space?
    2. How do astronauts float?
    3. How do rockets fly?

    • Hi Kyler
      Great questions! We will find out next week.
      Mrs Allen

  4. Florence’s questions are

    How do astronauts go to the toilet?
    What do they eat and drink in space?
    How many people can fit in the rocket?
    Can children go into space?


    • Hi Florence,
      Some great questions. I have written them down and we will find out the answers next week!
      Have a great weekend.
      Mrs Allen

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