10 thoughts on “Dinosaur Egg!

  1. Max thinks there’s nothing inside the egg. Or maybe a baby t-Rex. Or maybe a baby triceratops. Or a baby stegosaurus. So many ideas!

  2. Brilliant writing everyone – Well done!

    “I think there’s a baby dinosaur inside the egg but I really hope it’s chocolate instead! – save some for me…Yummy choclate!” – Mia

  3. We thought the writing was excellent and we, too, are excited to find out what is inside.

  4. I think that inside the egg there is going to be a baby dinosaur that no one else in the world knows! All of the dinosaurs died when the meteorite smashed into earth so it must be a new dinosaur. I would call it Newasaurus. I can’t wait to find out what’s inside!

    • We will investigate the egg and see if there is anything inside when at least 10 people have left a comment as to what they think might be inside!

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