2 thoughts on “Natural History Museum

  1. ‘ At the Natural History Museum I liked the dinosaurs because they were interesting. You could see what they looked like when they existed. I liked the T Rex robot because it was scary. The sleeping dinosaur was so cute. We saw the forests they lived in. I liked the creepy crawly room because it had buttons and things that you can move. We pressed a button and the curtains opened and there were creepy crawlies inside. I liked going on the bus and lunch because everyone was hungry.’ Florence.

    RT should be very proud of themselves. Everyone behaved brilliantly and were sensible and respectful of all the other people on the bus and in the museum. A teacher from another school came over in the lunch room and said how impressed she was with us! Well done RT. Thank you for giving RT the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum and see real dinosaurs. Alex ( Florence’s mum)

  2. Thank you for taking us! I had a lovely time. My favourite parts were seeing the dinosaurs that moved. I really liked the big T-Rex robot and the feathered oviraptors. I liked seeing the dinosaur eggs and the baby dinosaurs.
    In the creepy crawlies section, my favourite thing was the scorpion. I really liked the museum.

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