Super scientists!

RT have been learning so many space facts I am struggling to find new things to teach them! They are like super absorbent sponges at the moment! We have learned all about gravity and similarities and differences between the planets. We learned that the first living things to go into space were fruit flies (1947), then monkeys (1949), then a dog (1957) shortly followed by Yuri Gargarin (1961) and Valentina Kershkova in (1963). We made the planets in our solar system using paper mache techniques and painted them all the right colours. Have a look at some of our fantastic home learning too! Uzodinma said today…”Why is Earth called the Goldilocks planet? ” To which I responded that I didn’t know he then explained: “Because it is not too hot or too cold but just right!”

Who can remember which is the smallest planet in our Solar System? Which planet has a ring made of ice and dust? Why can’t we live on other planets?


10 thoughts on “Super scientists!

  1. Mercury is made of rock says Izar. Saturn is the second largest planet and Mercury is the smallest.

  2. Mercury is the smallest planet! Uranus has a ring of ice and dust. And we can not live on other planets because we are not allowed to.

  3. Mercury is the smallest planet.
    Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings around them.
    We can’t live on other planets because some are too hot and some are too cold and because you would sink into the gas planets!

    • Absolutely! Well done! We are exactly in the right position for life on earth to exist.

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