Studio Voltaire

Today we went to Studio Voltaire, which is an art gallery near to Sainsbury’s. We looked at the work of John Sheehy who decided to be an artist when he was in his fifties (It’s never too late to learn something new!) His work was based on the theme of interiors of homes. He paints on all different materials, canvases, suitcases, paper, wood, pottery, tubes and even a chopping board! What was your favourite thing at the gallery? In the afternoon some children painted their favourite objects in their house. We have lots of artists in RT!

3 thoughts on “Studio Voltaire

  1. My favourite thing was the plant pot with plants in it that John Sheehy made. It looked really pretty.

  2. These pictures are amazing. What lucky children. Florence liked the orange boat best. X⛵️ Xx

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