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This week we have based our learning on the book ‘Owl Babies’. The book focusses on how Sarah, Percy and Bill feel when their mother goes away. We wrote speech bubbles depicting what we thought the owls would say if they could talk. Uzodinma wrote; “My feathers are shimmering.” and Florence wrote; “My claws are slipping. I wish my mummy would come back.” We measured branches using rulers and compared how many owls fit on different length branches, we made collage owls and we even made some fantastic 3D owls. See below for some examples!

Can you remember the special name for animals that are awake at night? How about the special name for animals (including us) that are awake during the day? Do you remember what happens to the Earth that causes night and day? Post your responses in the comments section so we can share them in class.

8 thoughts on “Owl Babies

  1. Hello this is Raniya (Raf’i’s brother, who used to go Clapham Manor),

    This is an amazing blog and the comments are lovely to read. Good job everyone!!! Don’t stop posting and visiting this blog, it’s wonderful.

    Also remember to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!!! 🙂 😉

  2. “When this side of the earth is light, the other side of the earth is dark. There can’t be sun on both sides. The earth turns around that’s how we get day and night”
    Love the fluffy owl – has pride of place on the mantelpiece!

  3. Such a beatiful book. The handmade owls are so creative, and looks like the kids had such fun making them! Kyler were very proud to bring it home and show me his handiwork.

  4. Florence says ‘The earth spins around the sun.’.
    We love the owl babies book and the owl babies you made in class.
    Animals who are awake in the day are diurnal. ( I didn’t know that!)
    Great stuff x

    • I didn’t know the term diurnal either, did some research and learnt it. It just goes to show we’re all lifelong learners!

  5. Norcurnal animals. Izar

    We have a picture to show you but I am not able to download it to this comment. Any advice?

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