Puzzle Workshop

We had a great time with the happy puzzle company. The children worked in teams of 3 from RT and 3 from RL. We were very impressed with the children’s ability to share ideas and work things out together. Which was your favourite puzzle and why?


Please practise any sounds or tricky words that I gave you. If you know how to read all the tricky words then please practise writing them without looking.

Phase 3 are: he she we me be was you they all are my her.

Phase 4: said have like so do some come were there little one when out what.

Phase 5: oh their people Mr Mrs looked called asked could.

We need lots of natural materials as a school to promote our Natural Thinkers Curriculum. Please could you collect the following things if you can…shells, sticks, twigs, leaves and stones. Thank you have a great holiday.